You can now order Christmas dinner baskets online.


A Christmas dinner basket could be all the inspiration you need for gifts this year, with that little bit of luxury that we all like to have on the big day.

There are just under 10 weeks left until Christmas, so it’s time to start the preparations.

Whether it is feel-good food, Christmas food or cheese and wine for a loved one, there are gift baskets for everyone

Here are a handful of our best selections that can be pre-ordered or are available now.

Many retailers have already released their 2020 Christmas baskets, including Marks and Spencer, Amazon, Hotel Chocolat and department store favorite John Lewis.

The two most popular Hotel Chocolat collections are Everything Chocolate Gift Hamper Collection for £27.50 and The Meltingly Good Collection for £50.00, both of which are trendy with over 100 copies sold in the last 48 hours.

Hotel Chocolat has all the cheeky but nice things we want to stock up for the Christmas season.

With quite expensive options, there are a variety of different gift baskets to choose from if you want to go all out or just have some small treats for a loved one.

The All Chocolate Collection (shown above) includes:

This year there is a selection of afternoon tea, fizzy drinks and family baskets in the popular department store.

Depending on your budget, you can pick up one of the highly anticipated loot for £20-£999.99.

Classic festive basket with fizzy drink (delivery from 3 November 2020)

The store also offers great vegan and gluten-free options with products such as vegan Christmas pudding and dusted truffles and no wheat cheese crackers and fruity flapjack cookies.

Product contains…


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