Yes, the US will defend Taiwan against China, says Biden.


Yes, the US will defend Taiwan against China, says Biden.

President Joe Biden stated on Thursday that if Taiwan were invaded by China, which considers it part of its territory, the US would defend it.

When asked about supporting Taiwan in a CNN town hall, he replied, “Yes.” “That is something we are committed to.” Biden’s statement contradicted a long-standing US policy known as “strategic ambiguity,” in which the US assists Taiwan in building its defenses but does not overtly guarantee to assist the island.

During an interview with ABC in August, he made a similar promise, asserting that the US will always support critical friends, including Taiwan, notwithstanding the pullout from Afghanistan in the face of the victorious Taliban.

The US made a “holy pledge” to defend NATO partners in Canada and Europe, according to Biden, and it’s the “same with Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.”

Following that, the White House told reporters that US policy toward Taiwan “has not changed.”

When asked if the United States will be able to keep up with China’s accelerated military development during the live televised town hall, Biden likewise responded “absolutely.”

“Don’t be concerned about whether they’ll be more powerful,” he remarked. “China, Russia, and the rest of the world are well aware that we have the most powerful military in history.” Biden, on the other hand, voiced fear that rival countries would “engage in operations in which they might make a serious error.” He mentioned his long-standing friendship with Chinese President Xi Jinping and reiterated his stance that he does not want to “start a new Cold War with China.” “I just want to make China understand that we are not going to back down,” he said. China’s sabre rattling over Taiwan has increased, with waves of fighter jets and nuclear-capable bombers flying into Taiwan’s air defense zone.

Biden’s remarks follow a Financial Times story that China had successfully tested a cutting-edge hypersonic missile with nuclear capability that traveled around the globe before landing, though not on target.

The US and Russia are competing to create hypersonic weapons that are more difficult to defend against than current ballistic missile arsenals.


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