Woolworths confirms that its stores are returning to the main British streets.


The news was confirmed today through Woolworth’s new official Twitter account after the company’s team tweeted about their plans in detail.

The Woolworths stores are returning to the UK’s main streets, was confirmed this morning.

The legendary High Street chain closed stores in 2008 and 2009, but has decided to reopen stores in order to be able to offer a wide range of products by 2020

The chain said it will open three stores at the end of next year and will operate only in retail, as the rights to the site are owned by Very, reports MirrorOnline.

“A few legal things still need to be clarified, but at Woolworths headquarters we are working flat out.

The tweet said: “Here to save around 2020! Woolworths is coming back to your main street as a physical store!

“The online Woolworths are very much owned by the online Woolworths, so we will only be active in retail.

Another tweet added: “Our test stores will open in 2021.

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Woolworth was once the most sought after retailer in the UK. It is best remembered for its ‘Pic n Mix’ range and a stationery department admired by children.

“We still have a few legal contracts to sign before the launch, but we’re super excited!

St John’s Shopping Centre and Bootle Strand were among the places where you could find Woolworths in Liverpool.

The news that it was closed was a big shock for the buyers. As it was their ultimate destination, it sold everything from cell phones to children’s clothes.


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