While conducting massive Pacific drills in Asia, the Russian military intercepts a US spy plane.


While conducting massive Pacific drills in Asia, the Russian military intercepts a US spy plane.

Over the Pacific Ocean, a Russian fighter jet intercepted a US surveillance plane as the Russian military conducted a huge set of drills in the area.

“An aviation target nearing the State border of the Russian Federation was identified by Russian airspace control over the Pacific Ocean,” according to the Russian Defense Ministry, forcing Russia’s Pacific Fleet to scramble a Su-35 fighter plane. The Russian warplane was alleged to have recognized the target as a US Air Force RC-135 reconnaissance plane and escorted the foreign aircraft away.

According to the statement, the RC-135 then made a U-turn away from Russian airspace, and “violations of the Russian Federation’s State Border were not allowed.” The Su-35, on the other hand, took to the skies “in strict conformity with international airspace usage norms

The US Pacific Air Forces did not immediately answer to a request for comment from Washington Newsday, but similar events are regular between the two countries, which span the world’s largest ocean and share airspace in other vital regions.

The latest incident occurred while the Russian Defense Ministry declared that “an operational exercise of the Pacific Fleet’s heterogeneous forces is being conducted” in the middle stretch of the ocean, some 4,000 kilometers (almost 2,500 miles) from the home bases of the deployed warships.

Up to 20 surface warships, submarines, and support vessels are expected to participate in the exercises, including the Slava-class missile cruiser Varyag, the large anti-submarine destroyer Admiral Panteleev, the Udaloy-class frigate Marshal Shaposhnikov, the corvettes Gromky, Sovershenny, and Hero of the Russian Federation Aldar Tsydenzhapov, and the missile range instrumentation ship Marshal Krylov

About 20 aircraft were also in the sky, including Tu-142MZ long-range anti-submarine aircraft, MiG-31BM high-altitude fighter-interceptors, and other aircraft.

“The tasks of managing a heterogeneous grouping of forces at a great distance from the base points for the protection and defense of sea (ocean) communications, as well as organizing the interaction of the operational grouping of ships and aircraft to search and track submarines and ship groupings of the mock enemy are practiced,” according to the statement.

A Russian Il-38N anti-submarine aircraft conducted operations involving a submarine in one aerial maneuver “Search, classification, and tracking are all things that can be done. This is a condensed version of the information.


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