When traveling in 27 countries, the EU has adopted a travel certificate to avoid COVID tests and quarantine.


When traveling in 27 countries, the EU has adopted a travel certificate to avoid COVID tests and quarantine.

Legislators in the European Union have approved a new travel permit that would let people to travel around Europe without having to do COVID-19 testing or be quarantined.

The passes, which will be granted by individual countries rather than the EU’s centralized system, are intended to save Europe’s travel and tourism businesses.

Each country currently has its own COVID-19 safety laws and requirements, which has complicated travel.

The Associated Press quoted Spanish Socialist legislator Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar as saying, “EU governments are encouraged to refrain from implementing new limitations unless clearly required and proportionate.”

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Key vacation destinations, such as Greece, have spearheaded the charge to get the certificate, which will be available in both paper and digital formats, issued as soon as possible.

Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, and Poland are among the EU countries that have previously implemented the system.

The revised vaccine certificate laws were approved by the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, in two votes. EU citizens’ rules were ratified by a vote of 546 to 93, with 51 abstentions. Those for non-EU citizens passed by a vote of 553 to 91, with 46 abstentions.

The vote must still be ratified by EU countries, though this is most likely a formality.

All EU countries must acknowledge the vaccine certificate commencing July 1 for a period of 12 months. They will be distributed for free and will confirm that a person has been properly vaccinated against the virus, has tested negative recently, or has recovered from the disease.

For the next six weeks, the restrictions will not be strictly implemented in order to give countries time to prepare.

People entering the EU from outside the EU, the vast majority of whom are required to be vaccinated, will be able to obtain a certificate provided they can persuade authorities in the EU country they enter that they are eligible.


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