[Watch] An incredible battle between a lioness and a giraffe to protect a newborn calf was captured on video.


[Watch] An incredible battle between a lioness and a giraffe to protect a newborn calf was captured on video.

On social media, an astonishing video of a hungry lioness following a newborn baby giraffe while the protective mother fought valiantly to defend her child has gone viral.

Wildlife app Latest Sightings uploaded a distressing video of a 10-hour-old baby giraffe fighting for survival in front of his worried mother.

The newborn amazingly survived an intense battle with the lioness, but subsequently fell into a river and drowned from fatigue. According to The South African, the footage was taken in Kenya’s Masai Mara’s Olare Motorogi Conservancy while Don Heyneke, a wildlife photographer, was on a safari tour.

The video opens with a hungry lioness and a hyena stalking a giraffe foal that is still learning to walk. The hyena loses interest in the prey quickly, while the lioness pursues the herd for four kilometres.

Throughout the voyage, the caring mother tries to keep her calf tucked between her thighs to keep the baby safe from the lioness.

The lioness approaches them as they approach a dead-end, and the scared mother accidently bumps the newborn off a cliff. After that, the calf becomes stranded in a riverbed. The calf is grabbed by the lioness and dragged towards the water.

Some viewers may find the footage following upsetting. Viewer discretion is recommended.

In the meantime, the mother giraffe chases the lioness numerous times, but her calf appears to be injured. “To everyone’s surprise, it stood up, but only for a short time, as the calf eventually sought refuge in the river, where it passed out from weariness. “With a fight for survival like no one has ever seen before, the young giraffe drowned,” Heyneke said.

The heated brawl has elicited various comments from viewers who have been astounded by the video.

“I’m sure this film will win awards… that last shot is one of the most stunning (and terrible) pieces of wildlife footage I’ve ever seen,” one user said. “One of nature’s most astounding yet true exhibitions.” “The will to live,” wrote another.


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