UN Chief Calls For Dialogue Between the US and China, But Warns Of Divisions


UN Chief Calls For Dialogue Between the US and China, But Warns Of Divisions

On Tuesday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged the United States and China to engage in discussion, warning that the world is becoming increasingly divided.

“I am concerned that our world is drifting toward two sets of economic, trade, financial, and technological rules, two divergent approaches to artificial intelligence development – and, ultimately, two different military and geopolitical strategies,” Guterres said as he opened the annual UN General Assembly.

“This is a disaster waiting to happen. It would be unpredictably unpredictable, unlike the Cold War. We need cooperation to restore confidence and create hope,” he stated.

“We need to talk. We need to be understood.”

The summit will feature US President Joe Biden’s first address to the UN, in which he describes a growing and authoritarian China as the greatest challenge of the twenty-first century.

Due to Covid restrictions, Chinese President Xi Jinping will also deliver a video address to the United Nations.

Divisions between the two authorities, according to Guterres, have hampered progress on other vital issues, such as undoing coups.

Military forces have taken control of Myanmar and Guinea since February, while Afghanistan’s Western-backed government has fallen to the Taliban.

“We’re also seeing an uptick in the use of force to seize power. Military coups are once again on the rise. “The international community’s lack of unity does not help,” Guterres added.

“Geopolitical divisions undermine international collaboration and restrict the Security Council’s ability to make critical decisions.”


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