Ukraine Confirms Using US-Made “Javelin” Missiles Against Russia-Backed Forces.


Ukraine Confirms Using US-Made “Javelin” Missiles Against Russia-Backed Forces.

In the eastern border region of Donbass, Ukrainian troops have launched American-made Javelin anti-tank missiles against Russian-backed forces, amid warnings of another Russian invasion.

Military Times quotes Ukrainian Brigadier General Kyrylo Budanov as saying that Ukraine’s top military intelligence agency has confirmed the usage of the powerful missile for the first time.

The Javelin weapons have been employed against Russian soldiers, according to Budanov, and have a “strong psychological deterrent value, making Russians think twice about attacking.”

According to The Drive, the Javelin is a very capable man-portable guided anti-tank missile that may be fired directly at a target or via a pop-up maneuver, following which it crashes down onto the target.

Because of the missile’s pop-up mobility, it’s ideal for striking tanks and other armored vehicles with a thin layer of armor on top. It also contains a reusable Command Launch Unit, which is a thermal imaging device with a 12x magnification for secondary surveillance. According to the research, Javelins have a limited ability to target low-flying helicopters.

Javelin has also proven to be capable of hitting targets up to roughly three miles distant, allowing it to engage threats on the other side of the line of contact.

Ukraine just obtained the missile, which is thought to be critical in any future big military conflict with Russia. Last year, the Ukraine allowed its military to protect themselves by using the Javelin anywhere in the country and against any party, even Russian tanks.

The missiles, also known as FGM-148s, were initially delivered to the Ukrainian Army in 2018. According to the agreement with the US, the Ukraine could only use these missiles against Russian forces if they invaded westward from Donbass.

This comes as tensions rise in the Donbass region, where sources suggest Russian-controlled forces are conducting large-scale exercises to improve war preparation.

Russia was improving the combat readiness of Russian occupation forces in the temporarily occupied territory in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry. Russia was also deploying military materiel about 250 kilometers from the border, according to recent satellite photographs. Ukraine retaliated by deploying military drones along the fighting lines.

Ukraine has also claimed that Russia had massed around 92,000 troops along Ukraine’s borders and was planning an invasion by the end of January or early February.


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