Tory MPs explain why they rejected free school meals for starving children.


The Labour proposal was inspired by a campaign by Man Utd footballer Marcus Rashford, a former recipient of free school lunches, who believes that there are many more families now in need of support due to the devastating effects of the pandemic.

Last week, 322 Conservative MEPs voted against a motion in Parliament calling for vouchers to be given to the country’s poorest children for free school meals during the mid-term vacations.

Many Conservative MPs were mocked and criticized for explaining why they voted against supporting the most needy children.

At the same time as this uplifting campaign was spreading across the country and in the social media, some Tory MPs tried to justify their decision to vote against the request for free school meals.

What followed was remarkable: thousands of companies, large and small, offered to help provide meals to children who needed it this week – with Rashford’s Twitter feed highlighting all the generous offers this weekend.

Despite overwhelming public support for the campaign, the Tories voted against the proposal – causing anger and rage across the country.

Ben Bradley

Some of the statements and allegations made caused further annoyance and dismay – some members of parliament even had to apologize for their words.

Here are some of the worst examples

On Friday he wrote a series of tweets explaining why he had voted against extending free school meals for disadvantaged children until Easter 2021.

This was not the first time Mansfield’s Tory MP got into trouble with comments on Twitter.

He twittered: “At one school in Mansfield, 75% of the children have a social worker, 25% of the parents are illiterate. Their estate is the center of crime in the area.

“One child lives in a crack den, another in a brothel. These are the children who need our help the most, the expansion of the FSM does not reach these children.

Bradley then responded to a tweet in which another user said, “20 pounds of cash straight into a crack den and a brothel, that really sounds like a good solution to this problem,” and wrote, “This is what FSM vouchers actually did in the summer …”.

The Guardian reported that food banks and child poverty charities in Mr. Bradley’s constituency doubled despite declining donations, with organizers calling the Congressman’s comments on free school meals “disgusting”.

He was asked to apologize for the stigmatizing comments, but claimed they were taken out of context.

As Mr Bradley received widespread criticism for his comments, Workingon MP Mark Jenkinson tried to step in and support him.

In response to criticism of Mansfield MPs’ tweets by Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner, he replied: “Here @AngelaRayner is either insincere or really has no idea what is going on in her constituency. I hope for the sake of her constituents that it is the former.

Mark Jenkinson…


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