To prevent her from marrying anybody else, a man leaks his ex-rape girlfriend’s video.


To prevent her from marrying anybody else, a man leaks his ex-rape girlfriend’s video.

A man in India is accused of leaking a little girl’s two-year-old rape video on social media in order to prevent her from marrying someone else.

During a festival in a village in Gopalganj, the girl from Bihar was raped by five guys. She was 16 at the time of the incident and in a relationship with Abhishek Sharma, according to Gopalganj district police officer Anand Kumar.

“Taking advantage of the occasion, the four other accused caught Abhishek with the girl in an undesirable posture and gang-raped her. “For different reasons, the victim had not approached the police,” Kumar told The Times of India.

When the girl’s ex-boyfriend, Abhishek, discovered she was planned to marry someone else shortly, he blackmailed her with the video and pressed her to marry him. When the girl refused to comply with his requests, Abhishek allegedly shared the footage in order to get her wedding canceled.

“Angry after learning about her viral video, the victim went to Abhishek’s residence and informed him she was going to call the cops. Since then, Abhishek has been missing,” police inspector Naresh Kumar told The Times of India.

Gopalganj police filed a case against the five males based on the girl’s statement. The defendants have been named as Abhishek, Dipu Dubey, Nitesh Dubey, Lalu Thakur, and Lalji Sharma by the police. According to Times Now News, all of the males accused of the crime are now in their twenties.

To apprehend the suspects, a special investigation team led by Kumar was formed. According to the authorities, two of the five defendants, Lalu and Lalji, currently live and work in a Middle Eastern country.

The police are seeking to extradite the two guys who are currently living in the United States back to India. According to The Times of India, they are gathering passport and visa information in order to begin the deportation procedure for the accused.

“The SP will send a letter to state police headquarters, which will notify the Ministries of Home Affairs and External Affairs. Our embassy in the affected countries would be notified, and the authorities there will be contacted for the dose deportation to India,” Kumar added.


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