Thousands of Mexican women take to the streets to protest violence.


Thousands of Mexican women take to the streets to protest violence.

On Thursday, thousands of women marched through Mexico City and clashed with police, calling for an end to femicide and other forms of gender-based violence in the Latin American country.

“They did not perish. They murdered them “one of the placards at the march commemorating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women read.

The throng, clad in black with flashes of purple, the color of the women’s rights movement, chanted “Not one (woman) less,” demanding justice for victims of gender abuse.

“Mexico, femicide! They’re putting us to death! “During a brief altercation with the police, one demonstrator screamed.

Tensions rose when a small group of hammer-wielding demonstrators attempted to seize police shields, which were repelled with smoke bombs.

Every day, approximately ten women are assassinated in Mexico, and activists accuse the government of not doing enough to combat the problem.

According to government estimates, more than 10,700 women have been slain in Mexico since 2019.

On several occasions, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has condemned feminist marches, claiming that they are organized by his opponents to harm his government.

Around 1,500 policewomen were stationed along the march’s route, which ran from Paseo de la Reforma to the city’s main square, where the presidential palace is located.

To prevent vandalism, shops and major monuments were cordoned off.


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