The women of Everton have their first official club for affiliated followers.


The fan club invites the Evertonians to send congratulations to Willie Kirk and his team before the game, which are exchanged in a “virtual farewell” for the players and the coaching staff.

The Everton Women have their first Official Affiliate Fan Club before the final showdown of the FA Cup against Manchester City at Wembley on Sunday.

The Everton Women will face Manchester City in Sunday’s FA Cup final

said Julie Makin, Chairperson of the Everton Women Official Supporters’ Club: “We are excited to become an affiliated Everton Supporters’ Club and welcome all fans to join our group.

Membership ensures that group members have special opportunities on matchdays – once fans are assured of their return – as well as the chance to win prizes and experiences through exclusive competitions.

The group, which was formed in 2007, is now officially affiliated with Everton and the Football Fans Association.

“The growth of women’s football in this country is fantastic to see and Everton is doing more than its fair share to help make WSL exciting and international.

“As part of our affiliation, we look forward to working with the club to further expand the Everton Women’s fan base and provide our members with opportunities to bring them closer to the female players on match days.

“In these uncertain times, we have not been able to support the team personally, but we want the players who represent Everton at Wembley to know that we are all fully behind them. Cup finals are special occasions and every team and their supporters should be proud to reach such a final.

“Walton Hall Park is the only place where the people of Liverpool can see top and elite women’s football in the heart of our city, and once we’re allowed back in, we know that with the talent we have on the field, we’ll see the crowds grow in our new purpose-built home.

“We hope that as many Everton players as possible, young, old and in between, will send a message to the Everton Women players wishing them the best and encouraging them to bring the trophy home.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Everton Women Official Supporters’ Club, please contact Chairman Julie Makin at [email protected] or follow them on Twitter @ELFCFans

The group welcomes the new members and urges Evertonian women to show their appreciation for the Everton Women before the FA Cup final by sending video messages of support to [email protected] by noon on Wednesday, October 28.

To submit your lucky videos for the Everton Women FA Cup final, record your message on your phone, tablet or computer and send it to [email protected] by noon on Wednesday, October 28.


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