The Welsh Assembly Government sets out what is to be reopened when the firebreak is closed on November 9.


He said that Prime Minister Mark Drakeford would announce in the “coming days” a “clearer picture of what lies ahead”.

Welsh Justice Minister Jeremy Miles has set out a roadmap for what happens when the country’s firebreak closes on 9 November.

Discussions are underway to determine whether contact with people and travel should be restricted.

“It is important that while we are discussing these ideas we can also talk to our stakeholders and other partners in different areas of government and other sectors in Wales so that we can discuss whether these ideas are the right ideas for Wales, and this process is underway at the moment.

Mr Miles said at a press conference in Cardiff: “The types of measures currently under consideration are those relating to contact with other people, of course, measures relating to travel and the types of restrictions we have faced so far.

According to WalesOnline, Mr Miles said: “This firebreak is a short, sharp shock to the virus – we have made it as short as possible, but this means that the measures we take must be deep to be effective.

But although another 1,207 cases of corona virus have been recorded in the country, Mr. Miles said the firebreak will certainly end on November 9.

“We are asking everyone to endure some short-term pain during this two-week period in order to maximize long-term benefits for us all. This firebreak will end on November 9th”.

He said that if Wales comes out of the closure of the firebreak


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