The US military is keeping a close eye on Iran, with the US Navy being dispatched to the Atlantic to ‘protect interests.’


The US military is keeping a close eye on Iran, with the US Navy being dispatched to the Atlantic to ‘protect interests.’

The US military is keeping a careful eye on two Iranian warships that have been dispatched to the Atlantic Ocean for the first time on a mission to protect the Islamic Republic’s interests on the high seas.

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby told reporters on Friday, “We’re monitoring this deployment of these two ships.”

In the wake of reports that the naval detachment, which includes the Moudge-class destroyer Sahand and the intelligence-gathering vessel Makran, was headed to Venezuela, Kirby declined to say what the ships’ goals may be, but stressed that they would remain under US forces’ sight.

“I believe leaders in Tehran should be questioned about their intentions,” Kirby said. “So I’m not going to guess on what they think they’re trying to do, but we’re keeping an eye on it.”

The mission was revealed by Iranian Army Deputy Coordinator Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari, who formerly served as the country’s navy commander, at a press conference on Thursday. Sahand and Makran, which are part of the Iranian Navy’s 77th strategic fleet, set sail on May 10 and have since been “able to enter the Atlantic Ocean for the first time without docking at foreign ports,” he claimed.

The expedition was made despite severe weather conditions at sea, according to Sayyari, “in order to increase the naval capability and demonstrate the long-term durability” of Iran’s naval power. He claimed that this came amid American skepticism, which Iranian authorities refer to as “global arrogance.”

“When we announced our plan to enter the Atlantic Ocean, certain countries, especially the world arrogance, said the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy couldn’t do it,” Sayyari said, “but they saw that we achieved it with strength in practice.”

He explained that the Iranian Navy’s ultimate objective is to “defend the maritime borders and preserve the Islamic Republic of Iran’s resources and interests at sea, a job that the Navy has effectively achieved so far.”

Iranian oil ships have already crossed the Atlantic Ocean to provide petroleum goods to Venezuela, a partner country that is currently experiencing economic and political instability. Sanctions have been imposed on both Tehran and Caracas. This is a condensed version of the information.


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