The “small but nice” way of the Liverpool restaurant to bring people together while they are apart.


Delifonseca Dockside on Brunswick Way in the city center has launched a Dine-at-Home club that allows customers to buy a selection of dishes in the store or online that can be warmed up at home.

A restaurant in Liverpool has found a “small but nice” way to bring people together with its latest project.

The new concept aims to bring people together through their love of food.

Candice Fonseca, owner of Delifonseca, said the Dine at Home Club will be a “small but effective way to bring people together when they are separated by a collective love of food”.

“During the nationwide lockdown, our ‘Date Night’ packages were extremely popular, so we took the best parts of this concept and optimized it according to the feedback from our hosts.

Each week the menu changes to introduce a new theme, ranging from Persian to New Orleans, along with seasonal options for Halloween and Campfire Night.

said Candice: “Since the very first restrictions were announced in March, we have completely adapted our business model to ensure that we continue to serve our customers the same great food they have always loved from us in a way that is safe for everyone.

“Our Dine At Home Club will now offer meals throughout the week – not just on weekends – to celebrate special moments such as birthdays and anniversaries or simply to avoid cooking dinner, and will now be more flexible to adapt to households of all sizes.

The new concept will allow customers to choose whatever they want from the menu in the store, while those who order online will be able to choose from a range of three-course bundled offers at a fixed price.

Candice added: “In these testing times, I believe that concepts such as our Delifonseca Dine at Home Club will give households something else to look forward to.

The dishes can be safely refrigerated for two days before being warmed up at home to enjoy a different kind of dinner.

“I’m sure many people have become too familiar with their favorite takeout menus, but still want a break from cooking. It is the culinary alternative to a weekly book club, as our menu changes and rotates each week to be enjoyed by families and individuals all over the city.

“We will open the conversation on our social media sites for customers to talk about their menu – what dishes they loved, what ingredients are their favorite ingredients – and we will give them the opportunity to suggest menus that they would like us to suggest in the future.

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“It is a small but effective way to bring people together when they are separated by a common love of food”.


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