The Seal Pursues the Seagull Throughout Its Enclosure.


The Seal Pursues the Seagull Throughout Its Enclosure.

A video of a seal frantically chasing a seagull who was stealing his fish has gone viral on the internet.

A seal sanctuary on the British coast uploaded a video of one of their grey seals, Buddy, chasing a seabird around his area in a humorous chase.

“Buddy is not a fan of the seagulls trying to steal his fish,” the Cornish Seal Sanctuary said in a video posted to their TikTok website.

It depicts the marine creature wobbling around the ground while propelling its blubbery body around the edge of the water.

The seagull, who uses its legs to deftly escape the seal’s advances, is always one step ahead. Buddy eventually comes to a halt, and the bird follows suit, only to meander away as the seal resumes its fruitless pursuit.

The video, which is set to a cover of Blondie’s One Way or Another, has received over 250,000 views since it was posted last week and can be seen here.

“The fact that the seagull stopped at the same time then started,” Alicia Hawkins said of the footage.

Anna Williams said, “Those Cornish birds are also known for exercising tourists who are eating chips.”

“Even seals don’t like seagulls,” Jameswalterbcfc noted.

Buddy celebrated his seventh birthday with a special “fish cake” produced by employees in a separate video posted in July. It showed the mammal happily tucking into his meal, which was adorned with fishes protruding from all sides.


Buddy despises seagulls attempting to take his catch #sealtok #harbourseal #sealsoftiktok #seadoggo #seagull #sanctuaryâTM original sound Jannie Grobler (Jannie Grobler) (Jannie Grobler)

Buddy, who lives in Cornwall with his father and brother, was featured on the sanctuary’s website, which provided further information about the animals.

“Meet Babyface, Buddy, Bo, and Jarvis, the Cornish Seal Sanctuary’s resident Common Seals,” they wrote. They are amiable and entertaining creatures who like target feeding with the animal care staff.

“What makes our Common Seals so remarkable is that they are a family! Babyface is the father of Bo and Buddy, and at 44 years old, he is thought to be the oldest common seal in captivity!”

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