The President of Cuba claims that there is a ‘Cuban-American Mafia.’ Protests were sparked by social media.


The President of Cuba claims that there is a ‘Cuban-American Mafia.’ Protests were sparked by social media.

Cuban President Miguel Dáz-Canel recently claimed that the “Cuban-American Mafia” used social media to incite riots across the island.

Thousands of Cubans are demonstrating against the country’s Communist leadership in one of the country’s greatest protests in decades, despite the country’s deep economic crisis. As COVID-19 cases rise, citizens are turning to the streets in places like Havana, Cuba’s capital, to protest food shortages and high costs, according to the Associated Press. “The campaign against Cuba has grown on social media in recent weeks,” Daz-Canel remarked.

“As if pandemic outbreaks didn’t exist all over the world, the Cuban-American mafia has launched a comprehensive campaign, paying influencers and YouTubers a lot of money on social media…

and has called for nationwide protests,” Daz-Canel said to reporters.

He criticized the purported anti-Cuban social media campaign for inciting “inconformity, unhappiness, and manipulation of emotions and feelings.” U.S. sanctions placed during previous President Donald Trump’s administration, according to Daz-Canel, are the cause of the country’s current economic condition.

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Following protests around the island nation, large contingents of Cuban police patrolled the city of Havana on Monday.

Many young people took part in Havana’s Sunday rallies, which delayed traffic for several hours until police arrived and broke up the march after a few protestors threw rocks.

That protest, along with others across the tightly controlled country, was one of the most significant shows of anti-government sentiment in decades, and authorities were ready to put an end to it. Internet access was also patchy, implying that demonstrators were being prevented from connecting with one another.

Dáz-Canel made his remarks on Monday at a nationally broadcast speech in which he was joined by his whole Cabinet.

U.S. President Joe Biden said in a statement that Cuban protestors were exercising their fundamental rights.

“We stand with the Cuban people and their clarion demand for freedom and relief from the pandemic’s devastating grip, as well as the decades of tyranny and economic suffering they have endured at the hands of Cuba’s totalitarian dictatorship,” Biden said.

The US wants Cuba’s leadership to serve its people rather than benefiting itself, according to Biden.

As protestors screamed “Freedom!” in Havana, police initially trailed behind. “Enough!” and “Unite!” are two words that come to mind. One motorcyclist made a U-turn. This is a condensed version of the information.


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