The popular former pub could be converted into apartments according to new plans.


The former laburnum on Litherland Road could soon be converted into a house with 11 additional apartments.

A popular former pub in Bootle could be converted into apartments according to new plans submitted to Sefton Council.

And a well-known subway station could be filled with concrete.

In a report submitted with the application to convert the Laburnum pub, the proposal “aims to improve the local economy and contribute to the local economy by using an empty existing building within an established residential area and providing much needed self-contained housing.

However, they often occupy attractive buildings in fairly desirable locations within residential areas, which makes them attractive to housing developers.

The economic outlook for the pubs themselves continues to decline, with the total number decreasing year by year.

Developer RKS Investments London Ltd. also says there are plans to “reintegrate the site into the community by refurbishing and renovating the existing building”.

The new homes would use a vacant site and at the same time bring life back to an empty building.

The application relates to a two-room house, a two-room apartment and 10 one-room apartments and also includes the addition of an extra floor to the existing building.

A separate application has been filed to fill the subway at the nearby Bootle New Strand station.

An investigation conducted in 2011 revealed a number of deficiencies in the subway structure, including heavy vegetation throughout the building, extensive damage to the masonry and open joints in the arch ring and wing walls.

Network Rail proposes to fill the subway with concrete.

Both applications will be decided by the Sefton Planning Committee in the near future.


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