The people of Merseyside have yellow water running from their taps.


Problems with water were reported to ECHO by Thornton, Aintree, Fazakerley and Kirkby.

People living in different parts of Merseyside have reported yellow water from kitchen and bathroom taps this morning.

Good job I filled my kettle last night.

“United Utilities have sent texts saying you should not wash.”

A woman said: “A pipe burst in Melling, the water is up to Aintree yellow this morning

The problem has continued since the early morning, and residents have exchanged pictures of the discolored water on Facebook and asked what they should do for the drinking water.

Carla Sumner, who lives at Coney Crescent in Thornton, said: “I have a ten-month-old son, and the whole house is isolated. I cannot come out to get water.

“But the support I have received from the neighbors is amazing. Random women sent me a message and offered to drip water on my step.

This morning United Utilities said: “A burst water pipe at Satinwood Crescent, affecting customers in Liverpool, was discovered and reported to us. We investigated the matter and found that this is the cause of some of them having poor pressure or discolored water.

“We know it doesn’t look pretty, but don’t worry, it’s unlikely to be harmful and will calm down over time. You can help by running your cold water tap with a slight trickle until your water is clear again.

“Our pipes have naturally occurring sediments and minerals that can be disturbed by the bottom of the pipes from time to time, usually when we have made a repair or replaced a section of the water pipe.

“Our leakage engineers should be on site as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that your taps will be running again very soon.

An update at about 10 a.m. read: “Our engineers are on site and are working to repair the burst Satinwood Crescent water pipe. Due to the depth of the water pipe, we are currently waiting for the arrival of special equipment to help us carry out the repairs”.


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