The owner of Newcastle United, Mike Ashley, makes a PPV demand after the boycott of the Liverpool fans in the Premier League.


As the games are still being played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was recently announced that some games will be broadcast live on television at £14.95 per game for games not selected by broadcast partners.

The owner of Newcastle United, Mike Ashley, has called on the Premier League to reduce pay-per-view prices for soccer fans.

Mike Ashley is unhappy with the new pay-per-view rules for live matches, where Liverpool fans boycotted their last match despite Newcastle having voted in favour

It was estimated that more than 110,000 people paid to watch the game on Saturday at the Sky box office.

This was the case with Liverpool’s 2-1 win over Sheffield United at the weekend, and a fan base staged a boycott that resulted in over £100,000 being raised for food banks.

“To charge £14.95 for individual televised matches is unacceptable to any soccer fan in the current climate.

Now Ashley has made a rare public statement that he wants future pay-per-view games to be cut to under five years.

“I urge the Premier League to take immediate action and review its current pay-per-view arrangements for live matches in the UK,” he said.

“Fans have overwhelmingly rejected this offer and the Premier League must act now.

“Why not make it much more accessible by Christmas at £4.95 per match?

“To take advantage of the above discounted pay-per-view option, I would suggest that 50% remain with the Premier League and 50% go to the soccer pyramid below.

“The government should waive VAT on the above-mentioned pay-per-view games so that so many of those who cannot attend the games in person can at least see their team.

“As a club, Newcastle United voted in favour of the pay-per-view proposal, but, to be clear, this was done because there were no realistic or viable alternatives that would allow supporters to watch the games.

It has been reported that Liverpool, Everton and their Premier League rivals will vote on Tuesday on whether or not to maintain the current pay-per-view arrangements for the round of matches after the next international break in November.


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