The man pays for 40 tasty meals, so that the children can have a “hot Scran” during half of the term.


Barry Hogg, 35, transferred £120 to the Zheijiang Garden in Kirkby to pay for the children’s meals.

A man has prepaid more than 40 meals at a local chip shop to help at-risk children and their parents get a “hot scran” during the mid-term vacations.

In difficult times like these, we must do what Scousers do best and stick together.

“I have already done a few things with the local bimbo.

Barry, who lives in Tower Hill, said, “I’ve seen a lot of people doing things and I thought I’d just jump in and do the same thing.

Together with his sister Paula, who runs the People Help the People Facebook group, they took names and orders this week from parents who are in trouble and need a hot meal.

Barry posted and uploaded the message to his sister’s Facebook groups and other communities: “In difficult times like these, we have to do what Scouser does best and stick together.

“Originally we said 40 kids’ meals, but what we saw is that the parents are struggling too, so we added 15 adult meals as well.

Barry, who works as a manager for beer quality, said he wanted to pay good will forward because, although he works in the hospitality industry, his company hasn’t been hit as hard as some others lately.

The two had previously donated money to pay for Sunday roasts and breakfast at a cafe called “Yummies” in Fazakerley to help give breakfast to people in trouble.

“I have prepaid 40 x children’s meals for Thursday/Friday from my local hooker (Zhejiang Garden) and I am trying to help all the children who might want some hot food.

Barry said that through past donations he knows how many people struggle with food in difficult times.

He said, “It’s the people you don’t really see, the ones you worry about, the ones who scream. They are either too embarrassed or too proud.

Add: “Everyone struggles at some point. Maybe it’s not the food, maybe it’s other things, and I think everybody can contribute a little bit.

“The [happy food for children]is as anonymous as it can be. So you wouldn’t see it any other way if you were standing in line.”

“I think with someone like Rashford or the government’s decision not to help, it just gets people out more.

“Everyone has a moan, but then they immediately think about what they can do.”

“People in Liverpool are always like that, you just don’t see or hear it….


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