The highly anticipated limited edition of Christmas Cake Gin will be released this weekend.


Buyers will also be happy to get one of the popular bottles on the main street.

After last year’s phenomenal success, the gin farmers of , the tasty, festive drinking bottle has announced that it will be back.

And you can also pick it up at your local M&S!

The 2020 vintage, a treat for adults, with its chocolate, molasses syrup and festive tones, will be a winner for many – a delicious addition to the big day.

This year’s Limited Edition will be launched online on November 1st and will be available in stores nationwide and online from November 3rd (RRSP £38).

It will be served perfectly straight, topped with premium cola or blended into an espresso martini.

Alongside Christmas Baileys, delicious whiskeys and hot chocolates with gingerbread syrup, this festive gin will be another drink we look forward to every year.

This seasonal specialty is steeped in festive spirit and was inspired by the Christmas cake recipe of the founder’s mother Tom Warner.

From her , to her service, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

In addition to the new Limited Edition Christmas Cake Gin, this year the award-winning Warner’s Distillery is offering a range of gifts to celebrate the great British countryside.


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