The government confirms that Santa Claus does not have to be quarantined and can deliver gifts.


A petition filed on the government’s official website called for the Covid 19 rules for Santa Claus to be relaxed and for him to be granted an exception to the six-fold rule.

Christmas this year may be like no other, but the government has given a glimmer of hope and said that Santa Claus will still be able to bring presents home.

The government has responded to a petition calling for Santa Claus to be freed from coronavirus restrictions.

The rejection of the petition stated: “It is not clear what the petition demands from the British government or parliament.

The government rejected the petition on the grounds that under the current guidance of the coronavirus supplies to households would still be possible.

The petition reads: “This petition calls on the government to exempt Santa Claus from all quarantine periods that apply to people coming to the UK from overseas AND to grant him an exemption from the ‘six-fold rule’ or similar restrictions that may apply to visiting homes during the Christmas season.

said: “We know that Santa Claus is already very good at these two things, but we are sure that he will continue to follow the guidelines.

“Under the current coronavirus guidance, home deliveries are still possible.

He then gave Santa Claus advice and recommended that he minimize contact as much as possible and that individual employees load and unload his vehicle.

He added: “In any case, airplane pilots and truck drivers are not obliged to isolate themselves when travelling to the UK.

The current Foreign Office guidelines do not require that visitors from Finland, including Lapland, must be quarantined.

However, the news is not particularly good news for people who were hoping for a big family reunion at Christmas.

Today, Environment Minister George Eustice proposed that families living in areas subject to various level restrictions should not be allowed to meet even in groups of less than six people.

Asked on Times Radio whether families from different social classes could spend Christmas together, he added that this was “not currently planned.

The minister said it was “too early to say” how the restrictions might affect the celebrations, but told LBC: “Of course we must introduce restrictions and prevent families from gathering in large gatherings if that is necessary to contain the virus.


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