The fans of ITV Emmerdale see a big blunder when Amelia hurried to the hospital.


Amelia was taken to hospital after an accident in the workshop where she tried to help her father Dan.

Emmerdale fans quickly pointed out a big mistake in today’s show when Amelia was taken to the hospital.

Amelia was taken to the hospital after an accident in the garage, but the viewers saw a problem

Al heard his cries for help and called an ambulance to take Amelia to the hospital.

Her father’s back disappeared at the same moment, forcing him to scream for help as he struggled to get to her.

Amelia stumbled backwards after the hood of the car fell down and she hit her head, causing her to lose consciousness.

said Gary Orminston: “I know soaps are fake, but # emmerdale brings some reality to hospital scenes where people have not been able to see loved ones die, and yet literally people walk off the street to see someone in the emergency room”.

Amelia was comforted by her father in the hospital when Marlon came in to see how she was doing and how the accident had happened.

Marlon offered his help but the spectators quickly pointed out that he should not have been there in the first place as many hospitals prohibit visitors because of a corona virus.

White winged dove said: “Why are Dan and Marlon scrounging around the hospital in the middle of a pandemic?! No visitors!”

Dan finally made it clear to Marlon that they would not be able to cope financially, and Amelia begged Marlon not to tell anyone because social services were getting involved.

And @lindibea said, “How come Amelia has two visitors in the hospital? COVID not at the hospital Hotten General?”

But Dan told her that it was best to go into care and that they could not continue as they were, which caused Amelia to collapse in a flood of tears.


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