The explosive performance of the ITV newcomer from Emmerdale thrilled the fans.


Charity was upset with Vanessa in her car and drove onto the road without looking exactly where she was going.

A new character had an explosive performance in Emmerdale tonight when he collided with Charity.

The new character had a literal collision with Charity.

The two argued, with Charity accusing the man of not having insurance and even stealing the car.

Charity and the other driver argued about whose fault the accident was, with the man offering to pay cash for the damage.

Her careless driving caused the car to swerve on the road to avoid her, but still they ended up in an accident.

Many of them also thought it was very eye friendly and would be a good addition to soap.

But their anger soon turned to lust, with Charity noticing the chemistry between the two.

Viewers at home liked the new character’s attitude and predicted that he was Moira’s brother Mackenzie, who was rumored to be coming to the ITV soap to cause trouble in the Dales.

Miss Popcorn said, “I like Moira’s brother (love, heart, eyes, emoji)”.

Laura said: “She already loves Moira’s brother.”

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Lucy said, “Moira brother is hot, it’s a shame he’s only here to cause trouble”.

Jon Dexter said, “Moira’s brother is cute.”

*Emmerdale continues on ITV tomorrow at 7pm

And Ali Q said: “Who is this new eye candy?! Nice piece # emmerdale .”.


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