The coronavirus infection rate in Liverpool continues to decline.


The city is suffering from the enormous impact of the virus and is currently subject to the highest level of Tier 3 restrictions.

Liverpool’s Covid-19 infection rate has dropped again as the numbers continue to decline.

The sharpest decrease in days is encouraging, but the news from the hospitals shows that this is no reason for complacency.

The city’s infection rate now stands at 430.3 per 100,000 inhabitants, down from 480.1 the day before.

The latest data show a continuing trend of declining cases and the strongest decrease in the last few days.

And while the situation in the city’s hospitals is extremely difficult, the infection rate in Liverpool is fortunately declining.

Not so long ago, the infection rate was approaching 700 per 100,000.

The data extracted up to October 26th show that the total number of confirmed cases for the last 7 days is 2143, a significant decrease of 723 cases compared to the previous week.

The continued decline in the infection rate over the past week suggests that the level 3 containment measures may be working.

Yesterday, the Liverpool Main Hospital Trust recorded a further 17 Covid-19 deaths, bringing the total number of deaths since the beginning of the pandemic to 674.

However, the numbers remain dangerously high, and given the critical situation in the city’s hospitals, this is no reason for complacency.

In hospitals throughout the city region, there were a total of 33 new deaths from 19 covids.

The Liverpool health team is concerned about the transmission rate among the elderly and more vulnerable.

“The rate of new infections among the elderly is particularly worrying at the current very high level, which is putting increased pressure on hospitals and leading to deaths from covids in the coming weeks.

said in a statement: “Compared to the previous week, we have seen a slight decrease in new infection rates in the city, but the current 7-day rate is still very high.

Between 22 and 28 October 2020, there were 201 registered deaths in Liverpool, 37% of which (n=76) were Covid-19 deaths.

The districts with the largest number of confirmed cases are Norris Green (103 cases), Fazakerley (99 cases), Central (98 cases), Allerton and Hunts Cross (96 cases), Greenbank (88 cases), Knotty Ash (86 cases), Warbreck (85 cases), Picton (84 cases), Riverside (83 cases), Clubmoor (81 cases) and Speke-Garston (78 cases).


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