The body of the bride-to-be is discovered in the street by her father, who believes her fiancé killed her because she didn’t want to attend the wedding.


Father Finds Body of Bride-to-be Killed in Street by Fiancé Who Wanted Out of Wedding.

In an unfortunate turn of events, A dad in India was delivering his daughter’s wedding invites when he came across her dead body in the middle of the street on Monday.

According to The Times of India, his daughter had left their home to go shopping with her fiancé. However, the trip would result in a quarrel over the forthcoming wedding and, ultimately, the bride-to-death. be’s

The incident took place in Moradabad’s Surajnagar village in India. The father, Madanpal Singh, had decided to take the morning to deliver the last of his 19-year-old daughter’s wedding invitations in a nearby village, as the wedding was only five days away, according to the outlet.

Singh was back in his own village of Surajnagar to grab a quick lunch at home before delivering the last batch of invitations, according to the outlet, when he noticed a group of people gathered around a body in the road.

Curiosity took hold of Singh, so he approached the crowd. Sadly, he recognized the body the moment he approached.

A man was out delivering his daughter’s wedding invitations on Monday when he found her dead body in the middle of the road. Her fiancé was arrested for the crime.

He yelled, “My daughter,” before collapsing on the spot.

According to Times Now News, while he was out distributing invites, his daughter Meenakshi Singh, often known as Teena, received a call from her fiancé, Jitin, who asked if she wanted to go shopping. Teena and her mother both departed for the bus stop after she answered yes. Teena set out on her own from there. Jitin was not present when her body was discovered later.

The next day, Jitin was detained. In an interview with police, Jitin claimed to have told Teena that he no longer wished to marry her and tried to call off the wedding. When Teena began to argue with Jitin, he allegedly killed her. Teena’s family confirmed for reporters that Monday was not the first time Jitin had displayed a lack of interest in the marriage.

In an interview with The Times of India, Singh said: “I had fixed my daughter’s marriage with Jitin as they both knew each other. On June 6, we gave gifts during a pre-wedding ceremony. But Jitin’s family members were not happy as they wanted more money.”

Singh explained that Jitin asked to postpone the marriage, but Teena’s family denied his request, as the venue had already been booked and most of the invitations already distributed.

Jitin has now been booked for murder, and The Times of India reports police are looking for other suspects who may have been accomplices in Teena’s death.


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