Thailand’s Government Apologizes for Not Having Enough COVID Vaccines


Thailand’s Government Apologizes for Not Having Enough COVID Vaccines

As the rapid spread of COVID-19 illnesses and deaths established new records in Thailand, a health official apologized for the country’s failure to purchase enough COVID-19 vaccines.

During a news conference, Thailand’s National Vaccine Institute director Nakorn Premsri apologized to the public, saying that the organization “has not managed to procure a sufficient amount of vaccines appropriate for the situation,” but that “we have tried our best.” The country reported a new COVID-19 case count of 13,002 on Wednesday.

As the Delta variety has contributed to the country’s infections, Nakorn added, “the changes (of the virus) were something that could not be foreseen, which has caused a more rapid spread than previous year.” “The vaccine acquisition effort did not correspond to the current situation.”

According to the Associated Press, the Philippines is the only Southeast Asian country that has not joined the United Nations-backed COVAX effort, which aims to provide equal access to vaccines around the world. Thailand, on the other hand, will join the group next year to receive vaccine donations, according to Nakorn.

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Because the government failed to procure large vaccine supplies in advance of the attack, there is concern that the COVID-19 levels in Thailand will worsen significantly.

The development of the virus’s extremely contagious Delta strain has aggravated the issue, as Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-government ocha’s strives to replenish the limited supply of Sinovac and Sinopharm vaccines from China with locally developed AstraZeneca vaccines.

Apart from failing to purchase enough vaccines, Prayuth’s government has been chastised since tests reveal that Chinese vaccines are less effective against the Delta version than those made by Pfizer and Moderna.

Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, and the World Health Organization are in charge of COVAX. Thailand, according to Nakorn, should be able to obtain COVAX vaccines by the first quarter of next year.

Thailand’s government indicated in February that it decided not join COVAX because it is classified as a middle-income country and would not benefit from the program’s free or low-cost vaccines. It argued that it would have to pay hefty rates up front without knowing which vaccines it would receive or when they would arrive.

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