Tesco Christmas sandwiches are back, and some of them are included in the popular meal series.


As winter approaches, the supermarket offers a range of Christmas sandwiches and wraps so that hungry customers can enjoy a festive meal (even if they have to return to their home desks during the curfew).

There’s hardly anything more festive than getting a Christmas sandwich at the local Tesco.

How about a vegetable sandwich with roasted vegetables, sweet and buttery chestnuts and cranberry sauce?!

With the demand for plant-based Christmas sandwiches increasing by 50% in 2019 (compared to 2018), this year’s novelty is the Tesco Plant Chef Root Veggie & Chestnut Wrap; a festively spiced vegan wrap filled with roasted vegetables, sweet and buttery chestnuts and cranberry sauce.

Available at a price of just £2.50 and available online and in over 2,700 Tesco stores, including 1,828 local Tesco Express stores across the UK, no one has to go without the offer.

And Tesco isn’t the only popular store preparing us for Christmas, M&S has some delicious Percy Pig holiday treats and Asda has also launched its Christmas sandwich range.

Stephanie Bacon, Product Developer at Tesco, said: “Last year Tesco sold 4 million sandwiches to those looking for a festive meal at work, at home or on the go. The most popular sandwiches, Turkey and Trimming Sandwich and Turkey and Trimmings Wrap, were joined this year by the brand new Tesco Plant Chef Root Veg & Chestnut Wrap, which was developed as we continue to see an increased demand for plant-based Christmas alternatives”.

The pack is now available in the store alongside 170 food-to-go offers. These include a variation of the traditional turkey and trimming sandwich, such as a vegetable “no” turkey wrap, an Indian-inspired turkey curry wrap and a turkey dinner in a huge Yorkshire pudding.

To take advantage of the Tesco Meal Deal, buyers can buy a sandwich, sub, wrap, pie or salad + a snack + a drink for just £3.


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