Taiwan’s pro-independence legislators are playing their trump card with the 2020 election mask.


A Taiwanese legislator protesting for independence wore a face mask on Wednesday to support President Donald Trump, despite the democratic island’s official position of neutrality and the reluctance of its leader to choose a favorite in the race.

The ongoing presidential elections in the United States were one of the main topics of discussion when Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen convened the Central Standing Committee of her Democratic Progress Party.

While she remained silent when asked by reporters who she believed would most likely win the closely contested race, her committee members were less eager to hide their preference, according to reports in the Liberty Times and others.

DPP lawmakers Tsai Yi-yu and Huang Cheng-kuo both appeared wearing face masks with Trump re-election slogans. The former also posted a picture of himself with the PPE “Trump 2020 Keep America Great” on his Facebook account.


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The 39-year-old legislator, who is intent on independence, has never shied away from his fondness for President Trump. Before the election on Tuesday, he published several messages in support of the president.

“Biden will receive no more than 241 votes,” he was quoted as saying to President Tsai and the other committee members.

Taipei’s official position on the U.S. presidential election is one of neutrality, the country’s State Department said on Tuesday. High-ranking officials have insisted that the Tsai government would like to work with a Republican or Democrat in the Oval Office.

“The DPP has experience working with both government and opposition parties in the United States,” President Tsai said. “We maintain close relations with the administrative departments, Congress and think tanks.

Chuang Jui-hsiung, the DPP’s leader for the Legislative Fraction, told the news website ETtoday today that a Biden Party victory would add another variable to U.S.-Taiwan relations, as the former vice president’s team would pursue its own policies.

“Although it is unlikely that the US-led international anti-China sentiment will change, it remains to be seen whether Washington will continue to support Taiwan,” Chuang added. “Of course, a trump re-election would bring more predictability.

Despite President Tsai’s reluctance to choose a favorite between Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden, opinion polls from the island show a majority preference for the incumbent president.

Tsai’s government, which is considered renegade and illegitimate in Beijing, has been backed by strong support from the Trump government since his election in 2016.

On Tuesday, the State Department announced that it has agreed to the sale of four armed drones to Taiwan worth 600 million dollars. The most recent transaction was the 10th arms deal with Taipei under President Trump.


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