Suddenly Bosselmann’s tears appear in a completely different light


Gerhard Bosselmann’s tear-stained video message had touched many people. The businessman from Langenhagen near Hanover asked consumers to shop at the bakery during the Corona crisis. He said that 205 jobs had been lost in his stores alone. But now there is strong criticism of Bosselmann.

A video message in the middle of the Corona crisis has made Gerhard Bosselmann an employer known throughout Germany overnight. And with whom the whole of Germany cries.

Bosselmann is the boss of more than 200 employees. 205 exactly. He is afraid for their future. A “shit fear”, to quote Bosselmann literally.

Bosselmann told the net community in all openness and tears how medium-sized companies like him are doing at the moment. With their purchasing behaviour, customers would have it in their hands to save shops like his from insolvency.

Bosselmann threatens employees at Corona-Leichtsinn with dismissal
But what Bosselmann has kept secret is a letter to his employees. In it he threatens “reckless” employees with dismissal. This was first reported in the “Hannoversche Allegemeine Zeitung”.

According to the newspaper, Bosselmann had announced the following in the letter to his employees: “Sick certificates for colds without fever will only be accepted if a corona test has been submitted. Otherwise we will not pay your wages.”

He was also “determined to transfer or dismiss employees in case of reasonable doubt. After that, you have the right to sue.”

That doesn’t sound like the Bosselmann social media and internet users have recently met.

But the entrepreneur defends his actions: He has already lost 80 percent of his sales and had to close 10 stores because of the virus.


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