Steven Gerrard declares Liverpool’s Premier League victory “cured” of his 2014 title woes.


The legendary former captain of the Reds, now manager of the Rangers in Scotland, seemed to want to lead his club from his youth to the holy grail of a 19th championship six years ago, having already won the Champions League, FA Cup and League Cup during his time as club captain.

Steven Gerrard has revealed that his Premier League triumph in Liverpool has cured some of the heartache he feels after almost losing the title in 2014.

Legendary Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard was on the verge of taking his club from their youth six years ago to the Premier League before his unfortunate slip allowed Chelsea’s Demba Ba to score and Man City to benefit.

The Reds needed just seven points from their last three games to guarantee the championship, but Gerrard’s unfortunate miscontrol and slip against Chelsea led to a defeat in the Reds’ penultimate home game and Manchester City won the title by two points.

He played a pivotal role in the series in which Brendan Rodgers’ side started in the second half of the 2013/14 season, when Liverpool won 11 consecutive Premier League games, bringing them to the brink of winning the title.

“Just because I know that it hurt not only me, but also many people who had followed this club for many years.

Talking to the High Performance Podcast with Jake Humphrey and Professor Damien Hughes, Gerrard was asked whether he was jealous or jealous of Jürgen Klopp’s team when they finally ended the club’s 30-year wait for a title this year, and he replied: “No, not a bit.

“I had the feeling that a part of me was healed more than any other feeling.

“I have lived with this for 20 years and more.

“The Liverpool fans are committed to this club, they work every day and they love the club, they care about it.

“I know what this Premier League has meant to so many people, to my own family, to me.

“The way the club was with me during this time – which will remain private – during this trial of strength to win the league was special, the way the club was with me.

The Mirror reports how Gerrard also revealed during the podcast how the “hard” education he received on the streets of Huyton prepared him for the hard knocks of the Old Firm title fight.

“There were many, many tough kids in the city council seat who wanted to play soccer every day and played for the competition.

“I think the area I grew up in certainly helped me prepare for what I would eventually achieve,” he said.

“So I think that education certainly helped me get to the top. 100%.”

He also acknowledged that while Liverpool’s title win mitigated the scars of 2014, it strengthened his determination to succeed.

“I have an older brother, two and a half years older, who was also very competitive and, let’s say, pushed me around a bit and enjoyed overpowering me for many, many years as I grew up.


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