Steve Bruce makes Jordan Pickford the winner ahead of Newcastle United against Everton.


The head of Newcastle United was responsible for Sunderland when Pickford broke out of their ranks and began his career.

Steve Bruce jumped into the defense of Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, who came under fire.

The head of Newcastle United presented Jordan Pickford with his debut as manager of Sunderland.

Carlo Ancelotti and England boss Gareth Southgate have pledged their full support to Pickford, and he remains the number one choice for both bosses.

The blues shot-stopper has been heavily criticized for his recent performances and was on everyone’s lips after the Merseyside derby following his challenge against Virgil van Dijk.

“I can tell you, he is a very good goalkeeper,” said head coach Steve Bruce.

When Everton drove into St. James’ Park on Sunday, Bruce was questioned about the form of his former goalkeeper.

Bruce was quick to support Pickford and insists that he can handle the media interest.

“It’s part of being England’s number one. He has to be able to cope with that.

“When you’re England’s number one, you’re there to be shot at. Every mistake he makes is highlighted.

“If he played for England, he’s never let anyone down. He just has to get used to it and accept that this is part of being a goalkeeper, especially when you are England’s number one.

“I knew Steve Bruce (in Newcastle) was getting a lot of fur, but I had him in Sunderland and I knew what a top man and top manager he was when I was there, so he deserves credit,” said the 26-year-old.

Pickford quickly defended his former boss last season when he was criticised in Newcastle.

“I was still young, but I was just in and out of training and the environment. He is simply a top guy, and that’s what it’s all about”.


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