State Media Editor: The Chinese Communist Party Will Outlast the United States.


State Media Editor: The Chinese Communist Party Will Outlast the United States.

In a viral response to JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s remark, the outspoken chief editor of a patriotic Chinese daily tweeted on Wednesday that the country’s governing party would definitely survive the US.

The Global Times’ Hu Xijin cited a headline in which Dimon claimed that his Wall Street investment firm would outlast China’s Communist Party (CPC).

“I joked the other day that the Communist Party, like JPMorgan, is celebrating its 100th anniversary. I’m willing to gamble that we’ll last longer “On Tuesday, the CEO spoke at a Boston College event. “That’s something I can’t say in China. They’re most likely listening regardless “In remarks, he stated that he swiftly removed the next day.

With Dimon’s words splattered all over Weibo, a Chinese social media platform where nationalistic feeling has made users especially sensitive to anything that could be construed as offensive to China or its ruling party, Hu wrote in a post: “[Dimon] should consider the long term. Because I’m willing to wager that China’s Communist Party will outlast the United States of America.” The post was followed by a similar tweet in English, which received 12,000 likes: “Consider the long term! And I’m willing to wager that the CPC will outlast the US.” Dimon then retracted his views in a statement made by the bank on Wednesday. “I regret making that remark, and I should not have said it. I was attempting to emphasize our company’s strength and longevity.” In another clarification, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon stated: “It’s never acceptable to make fun of or disparage any group of people, whether it’s a country, its leaders, or any other aspect of society and culture. Speaking in this manner can detract from society’s need for constructive and meaningful discourse, which is today more than ever.” Hu responded to Dimon’s quasi-apology on Weibo, saying: “The CPC is considerably more successful than JPMorgan in its own field. As a CPC member, I understand their desire to be associated with the party’s popularity.” JPMorgan was awarded unprecedented complete foreign ownership of a securities brokerage by the Chinese government in August, demonstrating the bank’s clout in the eyes of the country’s financial planners and indicating strong American financial interests in the Chinese market.

Dimon’s in-depth interview. This is a condensed version of the information.


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