So that she can avoid prison, a guy marries a woman who attacked him with an axe.


So that she can avoid prison, a guy marries a woman who attacked him with an axe.

After the victim married her and pleaded with the court that she should not go to prison, a pensioner in Russia was given a suspended sentence for attacking a man with an axe.

The Tomsk regional prosecutor’s office in Siberia said in a statement released on Thursday that the woman, who is now 67 years old, had “constantly quarreled” with the victim, who is 38 years old and characterized as a “roommate.”

The fights started because he was “unwilling to keep their flat clean and orderly.” But things escalated in September 2019 “after the consumption of alcohol with friends,” according to a news release from the prosecutor’s office.

The woman approached the victim from behind while he was watching television after returning home.

According to the statement, she then “hit him many times in the head, ribs, and neck with an axe,” as reported by the RIA news agency.

When rescuers got on the scene, however, it appeared that he did not want his assailant to be held responsible. The victim then attempted to “convince the medics and cops who responded to the call that he had been hurt in an accident fall.” “The reasons for this conduct became obvious later. The man proposed to the defendant during the trial, and they married,” the statement stated, adding that “as a spouse, he requested that the court not imprison him.” “the offender

The woman was found guilty of willful infliction of grievous bodily harm with the use of a weapon under Article 111 of Russia’s criminal code, a crime that carries a maximum jail penalty of ten years.

She was, however, granted a three-year suspended sentence with a three-year probationary period.

According to The Moscow Times, the prosecutor’s office stated that the sentence had not yet taken effect, allowing for an appeal. The prosecutor’s office in Tomsk has been approached for comment by Washington Newsday.

A viral video from Mariupol, a coastal city in the southeast Ukrainian region of Donetsk Oblast, near the Russian border, showed a guy storming a grocery shop cashier in August.

The video, which was shot by his son, shows the man dressed in black, accompanied by his wife, walking through an entryway clutching the weapon. This is a condensed version of the information.


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