Sefton provided less state emergency funding than any other county in the region.


The latest tranche of emergency aid was awarded this week to districts in the Liverpool City region.

Sefton City Council has received just £3.5 million from the government – despite a substantial £23 million shortfall due to its coronavirus response.

Once again the Conservatives have let us down.

said Mr Maher: “I am disappointed that the funds provided by central government are once again woefully inadequate to support our communities at this time.

Sefton City Council Chairman Ian Maher said that the local authority “has once again been let down by the Conservative government”.

Although Sefton has the third largest population in the region, it has received the least emergency funding.

“The government’s decision not to include social welfare in the funding formula means that Sefton’s share is the lowest in the city region.

“This government has no idea or understanding of the financial problems caused by 10 years of coalition and conservative austerity policies and the continuing tax deficit in this precarious period.

“The ongoing pandemic is adding to the pressure on our finances, and given the already predicted deficit of millions of pounds, the government really needs to reconsider this allocation.

“The Labour-led Sefton Council will continue to do everything in our power to help those hardest hit by the pandemic, while continuing to provide a range of basic services to people across the district by all means at our disposal.

“Once again, however, the government has failed to keep its promise made at the beginning of the pandemic to give local councils ‘all that is needed’.

Knowsley, St Helens and Halton will receive £5.3 million, £3.9 million and £3.6 million respectively.

Liverpool City Council will receive just over £19 million, while Wirral Council will receive £5.4 million.

said Cllr Pugh: “This is not an academic issue, this will affect the City Council’s tax legislation next year.

John Pugh, Councillor for Southport Lib Dem, says that the “blatant” decision will drive up the local tax laws for the residents of Sefton.


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