Sanctions are being considered by the EU on airlines and tourism companies that assist migrants in entering Belarus.


Sanctions are being considered by the EU on airlines and tourism companies that assist migrants in entering Belarus.

The fifth package of sanctions on Belarus is expected to be introduced by the European Union. The troubled country, however, will not be their sole objective.

The EU intends to target airlines and travel groups with the measures, which come after Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko was accused of deliberately employing migrants to destabilize neighboring nations by the organization. The impacted companies are suspected of assisting Belarus in bringing migrants into the country, according to a draft of the sanction acquired by the Associated Press. The migrants would then be encouraged to cross international borders into Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania by the country.

Belavia, a Belarusian airline, has been listed as the principal carrier of migrants in the new sanctions. “Migrants attempting to enter the Union’s external border have been flying to Minsk onboard Belavia flights from a number of Middle Eastern countries, in particular Lebanon, UAE (United Arab Emirates), and Turkey,” according to the paper. Cham Wing Airlines, the Belarus President Property Management Directorate, the state tourism operator Tsentrkurort, the passport and visa distributor VIP Grub, and the Belarus President Property Management Directorate are among the companies identified in the sanctions.

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the Belarus opposition leader, spoke at the EU on Wednesday and stated her support for the planned penalties.

She told EU leaders, “Sanctions work.” “Sanctions are dividing the elites, destroying corruption schemes, and dividing the masses around Lukashenko.” In the next days, sanctions on Belarus and the companies suspected of assisting them are expected to be authorized.

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As the EU prepares new measures to prevent a security catastrophe at its borders blamed on Lukashenko, Tsikhanouskaya urged the European Union not to forget about the plight of ordinary citizens and political prisoners in the former Soviet country.

“882 of my fellow compatriots have been acknowledged as being in prison for exercising basic political rights that people in the rest of Europe take for granted,” Tsikhanouskaya told EU lawmakers. She urged the 27-nation bloc not to recognize Lukashenko or his government, and to increase public support.

“It’s past my bedtime. There have been several gestures and displays of support since August 2020. Belarusians were hailed for “reigniting their trust in democracy and human dignity,” according to her. “Isn’t it your turn?” This is a condensed version of the information.


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