Sage experts say the national lockdown is “the only way to save Christmas”.


Members of Sage believe that it is now inevitable that the entire country will be placed in some form of lockdown if we are to prevent more than 500 Covid deaths per day over the winter.

According to reports, government scientists Boris Johnson is pushing for a nationwide lockdown as coronavirus cases continue to rise.

Scientists believe that measures in the form of a nationwide lockdown are now needed to stop the rise in cases.

Prof. Jonathan Van-Tam, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, had publicly supported the Prime Minister’s local restrictions at a recent briefing in Downing Street, but is expected to change his mind.

Sage advises that it is not too late to save Christmas, but a nationwide lockdown, which will last longer than the originally recommended two-week interruption of power circuits, is needed – reports Mirror Online.

They believe that the data now indicates that each region will end up with at least Tier 3 restrictions.

New Sage papers released on Friday showed that they have told the government that their earlier “reasonable worst-case scenario” – 85,000 deaths over the winter and more than 500 deaths per day – will be exceeded.

Sir Patrick Vallance, chief scientific advisor and head of Sage, is known to be in favor of tighter restrictions.

Sage’s advisors are furious about their earlier warnings of 50,000 new cases and 200 deaths per day – although they have proven to be correct.

A senior source said: “It is definitely too late to believe that the two-week circuit breaker alone would solve the problem.

As a minimum, the consultants are pushing for the immediate closure of pubs and restaurants.

“That would defuse the situation a bit, but it would not be enough to end it immediately. Now it would almost certainly have to take even longer.

One suggestion is a national closure before Christmas so that it can be lifted so that we can see our loved ones over the holidays.

Originally, a two-week interruption in the power supply was proposed for the current half school holiday period.

Earlier models from University College London indicated that a two-week interruption would set back the Covid-19 outbreak by one month.

Experts believe that a clear start and end date would minimize the damage to the economy and the impact on people’s mental health.

A decision would have to be made on whether schools should be closed, and officials could decide that it would be best to leave them open.

It would involve closing schools, non-essential retail and commercial areas, recreational and hospitality businesses, online university teaching and working from home wherever possible.


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