Russia wants to help Iran and Saudi Arabia reach an agreement, and Biden doesn’t seem to mind.


Russia wants to help Iran and Saudi Arabia reach an agreement, and Biden doesn’t seem to mind.

A plan to bring Iran and Saudi Arabia together under a pan-Persian Gulf security accord has been relaunched by Russia. Despite being at odds with the Kremlin on a number of fronts, President Joe Biden’s government does not appear to be hostile to the suggestion.

Moscow’s strategy is based on a proposal known as the Collective Security Concept for the Persian Gulf Region, which was first proposed in the 1990s and has been reintroduced with changes on a regular basis. The first two occurred in 2004 and 2007, with the third occurring in 2019, all during a period of high regional tensions as a result of then-President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure” policy against Iran.

However, as Biden attempts to de-escalate from his predecessor’s brinkmanship, Russia has recognized a new opportunity to pursue its proposal based on common ground it perceives with its traditional rival, the United States.

That shared ground was detailed by Vitaly Naumkin, a seasoned researcher who co-authored the Russian plan and currently serves as president of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ 200-year-old Institute of Oriental Studies.

He told The Washington Newsday, “We have one common threat, the threat of war.” “Neither the US nor Russia are interested in fighting this war.” When contacted for comment on the Collective Security Concept, a State Department official said that collaboration with the Russian plan would not be ruled out if it proved to be in the best interests of the United States.

“We remain prepared to collaborate with Russia in areas where the two sides have common interests while opposing Russian measures that are counterproductive to US objectives,” a State Department spokeswoman told The Washington Newsday.

“We will also maintain close contact and engagement with our Gulf allies on topics concerning US national security, counterterrorism, defense cooperation, and regional security,” the official continued.

Naumkin sponsored a closed-door gathering of experts in Moscow last week as part of the latest campaign to promote the Russian framework, a two-day event that The Washington Newsday attended alongside representatives from important regional parties. The conference’s goal, he claimed, was to kick off a “step-by-step approach” to “creating a new security regime in the Persian Gulf.” The Collective Security Concept’s core goal is to construct an effective deconfliction mechanism among Persian Gulf governments through confidence-building measures such a rejection of the use of force to resolve conflicts. This is a condensed version of the information.


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