Russia sees “obvious shortcomings” in US elections, warns of “negative consequences” for the world.


As the presidential race entered its third day, with the most important states taking the stage and both candidates announcing their victory, Russian officials said there were deep-seated flaws in the U.S. electoral system, the uncertainty of which Moscow warned could have harmful consequences worldwide.

Trump declared himself the winner early Wednesday, when his lead began to wane due to a late influx of pro-Biden votes previously cast by postal vote. With numbers still pouring in from the U.S. Battle States, he continues to insist that he will emerge the winner, while claiming that if Biden wins, it will be because of widespread electoral fraud.

Noting these developments, Russian State Department spokeswoman Maria Sakharov said at a press conference on Thursday that “obvious flaws in the American electoral system are obvious.

She referred to a preliminary report published on Tuesday by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), which sent international observers to observe the American electoral process, which she said was ultimately fraught with “legal uncertainties and logistical challenges” and “unsubstantiated claims of systematic flaws” by Trump.

She echoed the report’s criticism of a failure by the United States to update its critical election laws, describing “the archaic nature of the relevant laws and the lack of regulation in them in a number of fundamental respects.

The OSCE also criticized Russia’s elections for “restrictions on fundamental freedoms” and a “lack of genuine competition” in a system that has brought four victories to Vladimir Putin, who is serving his second consecutive term as president and his fourth overall, after two decades in power either as head of state or as prime minister. Putin won 77% of the vote in 2018.

Since the US is divided and the result is in flux, Sakharova expressed his hope that a clear result would nevertheless be achieved.

“We hope that the legal mechanisms in place in the United States will make it possible to determine the future head of state in full compliance with the American Constitution and, above all, to avoid the outbreak of mass unrest in the country,” she said. “At the same time, I would like to stress that the election of the head of state is the exclusive right of American citizens, who deserve to have their votes properly counted.

In recent talks with Washington Newsday, Russian officials have called for a deep deterioration in relations between Moscow and Washington in various areas such as trade, international affairs and arms control to be reversed, regardless of who won the election.

“We have repeatedly stressed that we are ready to cooperate with Washington on any issue,” Petr Svirin, spokesman for the Moscow Embassy in Washington, told Washington Newsday the weekend before the race. “The most important thing is that such cooperation should be built on the basis of equality, mutual respect and balancing of interests.

Maria Sakharov repeated this point on Thursday.

“As for the prospects for Russian-American relations in the context of the overseas elections, Moscow – as the leadership of our country has repeatedly stated – is ready for constructive interaction with the President of the United States, regardless of who they will be after the elections,” she said.

On the same day, the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov also commented on the turbulent affair that has gripped the United States. He warned that a lack of clarity could ultimately harm the international community.

“Any uncertainty in the most powerful global economy in one of the largest countries has and could potentially have negative consequences for global affairs, especially for the world economy,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Thursday, when Russia’s state-run news agency Tass reported that figures continue to pour in from the U.S. Battle States.

“In the meantime, we will see how long this period of uncertainty lasts and how strong this influence is,” he added.

As the final count is still pending, Peskov refused to intervene further.

“The results of the U.S. elections have not yet been announced and it is impossible to comment in the current situation,” he said. “We would rather take our time and wait until the situation becomes clearer.

Moscow has repeatedly declared its neutrality in the dispute between the two sides.


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