Russia claims it has been an enemy of the United States for a decade.


Russia claims it has been an enemy of the United States for a decade.

Russia’s ambassador to the United States has stated that relations between Moscow and Washington, D.C. began to deteriorate about a decade ago as a result of Ukraine, which he claims the United States continues to exploit as a political tool to exert pressure on Moscow.

Anatoly Antonov blasted the Biden administration’s approach to the Nord Stream 2 gas project, which critics say may give Moscow a strategic advantage, in a TV interview.

In an English-language interview with the Russian state-funded broadcaster RT America, Antonov said, “We see a lack of confidence, a lack of trust between the United States and Russia.”

“I’m trying to pinpoint a date when Russia became an adversary or rival of the United States, and it’s becoming tough to pinpoint. “It appears to me that it was ten years ago, but not when the Ukrainian crisis began,” he stated, according to Russian news agencies.

He did not explain which event triggered the unraveling of ties, but he suggests they occurred before the Euromaidan events, which erupted in late 2013 to oppose Ukraine’s then-president, Viktor Yanukovych.

Yanukovych was deposed in February 2014 in a revolution that Moscow claimed was aided by Washington, D.C. Later that year, Russia annexed Crimea, and unrest in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region erupted into a conflict involving Kremlin-backed separatists, despite Moscow’s denials.

Ukraine was a common denominator in other areas of contention between Moscow and Washington, D.C., according to Antonov.

According to Reuters, a continuing dispute over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline appears to have been resolved after the United States and Germany pledged to take action against Moscow if it exploited the project to hurt Kyiv or other European countries.

However, Antonov argued that the pipeline connecting Russia’s Arctic and Germany was merely a “economic project” for Moscow, and that the US opposition was motivated by “unfair competition on international markets.”

When asked by Rick Sanchez of RT America if President Joe Biden’s opposition to the project was simply an effort to “save face” in order to safeguard US interests in Ukraine, Biden said yes.

“What type of political interest does the US government have in Ukraine?” Antonov responded. This is a condensed version of the information.


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