Protesters in Spain spray paint at police officers in an attempt to stop evictions, according to video.


Protesters in Spain spray paint at police officers in an attempt to stop evictions, according to video.

On Tuesday, nearly 100 demonstrators took to the streets of Barcelona, Spain, to denounce Pere Aragonès, the newly elected Catalan president, for putting in place an eviction procedure after riot police were sent to carry out the eviction.

Activists took up residence in the headquarters of Esquerra Republicana, Aragonès’ political group, early Tuesday to protest recent evictions and the city’s housing crisis, as well as to demand that riot police not be used to carry out the evictions, according to Catalan News.

Despite the fact that the president, who was sworn in on Monday, promised a new protocol, riot police were still on the scene to carry out an eviction. According to Catalan News, Aragonès said, “When it is up to us, we are certain that riot police must not attend,” but this was a judicial decision.

As seen in a video from a demonstration on Tuesday, police were sent to the Poble Sec neighborhood in Catalonia, where demonstrators and neighbors hurled objects and sprayed paint at the officers. Officers were reportedly using batons to try to end the crisis, according to Catalan News.

Three officers were slightly injured, according to Pblico, but no other injuries have been identified at this time.

According to Catalan News, the residence involved in the riot, 38 Carrer de Lleida lane, was once a social housing building that was purchased by a “vulture fund” that evicted tenants in order to flip the apartments and resell them for “exorbitant rates.”

Over the past four years, the building has served as a “icon in the fight for housing,” according to Pblico, as it was once used by protestors to house victims of previous evictions.

According to Catalan News, the Popular Unity Candidacy (CUP), a far-left pro-Catalan independence party, was also active in the demonstrations, with some members in the crowd.

“It is unjustifiable that the public authorities not only do not guarantee the right to housing while there are thousands of vacant flats, but also send riot police to protect the vulture funds and thus to breach this fundamental right!” CUP member of Parliament Laia Estrada tweeted.

It is inexcusable that nominated public officials cannot guarantee the right to live in a safe environment. This is a condensed version of the information.


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