Prior to the Biden-Putin meeting, Switzerland is restricting airspace.


Prior to the Biden-Putin meeting, Switzerland is restricting airspace.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden meet in Geneva next week, Switzerland will briefly limit airspace and station up to 2,000 troops and police officers as supplementary protection.

The Swiss Federal Council approved the security protocols on Friday, which include air monitoring by the country’s air force as well as the deployment of up to 1,000 troops. During a press conference, Geneva police Col. Monica Bonfanti said that 900 additional police officers from other districts will join Geneva’s existing troops, increasing the total number of policemen to 2,000 during the summit.

The Federal Department of Defense stated, “Switzerland is obligated to safeguard the protection of those who have particular protection under international law, such as the American and Russian heads of state.”

According to Stephane Theimer, vice director of the Federal Office of Police and head of the Federal Security Service, the office hasn’t received any specific threats to the summit, but “the terrorist threat in Switzerland and Europe remains high.”

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“Naturally, the respective diasporas of the two countries may choose to use the president’s visit to carry out actions,” Theimer added. “We are at a high (alertness) level.”

He explained to The Associated Press that the meeting provided a “window of opportunity” for opponents.

“At the present, we don’t have any real signs of diaspora actions, but it’s something we’re thinking about,” Theimer said.

The extra troops will help guard foreign representatives and provide air and lake assistance for Geneva regional police, according to the military department.

The conference, which is part of Biden’s first abroad trip as president, will be held in an 18th-century manor house in a public park overlooking the lake, according to local officials.

The White House has downplayed summit expectations, saying Biden will discuss Ukraine, arms control, human rights, and cyber ransomware threats with Putin.

Strategic stability, global crises, climate change, and attempts to combat the coronavirus epidemic are among the topics on Russia’s summit agenda, according to Russian officials.


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