Police officer acquitted of murdering lover who uncovered affair with wife.


A police officer was acquitted of murder after he murdered his long-time mistress in a bar parking lot when she uncovered the affair with his wife.

Timothy Brehmer, 41, previously admitted to killing Claire Parry, 41, after she sent a text message to his wife to let her know he was cheating on her. Brehmer claimed that Parry’s death was an accident that happened when he tried to push her out of his car.

It took a jury just under three hours to find him not guilty of murder, and he will instead be convicted of manslaughter. Brehmer had an affair with married nurse Parry for more than 10 years, his trial before the Crown Court of Salisbury was heard.

The police officer serving in Dorset, southwest England, said Parry, a mother of two, died in his car during a “mess” on May 9. She had sent a text message to his wife on his phone saying “I am cheating on you. Her body was found “half inside, half outside” in a Citroen with blue lips, not breathing and no pulse, the court was told.

She was taken to the hospital and died one day later. Brehmer said Parry died accidentally because he “stubbornly tried to get her out of the car” so he could drive away.

The court was shown body-worn camera footage of him sobbing in the back seat of an ambulance and asking the paramedics, “What will my mother say? He told the police that he had planned to kill himself because the consequences for his family of revealing his affair had been revealed. The trial learned that in the days before her death, Parry had begun to believe that her marriage and relationship with the defendant would end.

She had used a different name to facebook Brehmer’s past and was convinced that he had had at least two other affairs. Another police officer – Kate Rhodes – told her in late 2011 that she had had an affair with Brehmer. As a result, she saw him “in a very different light,” the court heard.

Later, a draft note was discovered in her phone that appeared to be a message Parry had written to Brehmer’s wife, Martha. It read, “Dear Martha, what I am about to say will probably not surprise you. I suppose you have always suspected, but try to ignore it; it is not easy to say, but simply put, your husband is a male whore.

“I myself and others have fallen victim to his words and charm, his promise to live in a loveless marriage just for the sake of your children. He sucked me into himself years ago and made me believe that he and I had a future until he realized that you were pregnant.

“At first he didn’t tell me about you that he was married and when I found out he told me he was leaving. Since then I have realized that I am not the only one he has interwoven this story with, there are at least two others. He tells us that we are special, that he has fallen in love with us”.


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