Passengers on a cruise ship see a massive shark swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.


Passengers on a cruise ship see a massive shark swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

Passengers on a ship in the middle of the ocean witnessed scary scenes of a big shark swimming beneath the ship.

Alex Albrecht, a vocalist, had been at sea for over a month when he captured heart-stopping sights as a gigantic swam along the surface, right adjacent to the cruise liner.

“Sailed six weeks in the atlantic saw this gigantic f****** shark,” Albrecht said in a TikTok video.

The performer gets a fantastic view from what appears to be the crow’s nest, which is high above the people.

He can be heard exclaiming “holy f***” in the background of the footage, and there are shrieks and shouts from the passengers below as they run to the edge to grab a sight of the shark.

@.alex.albrecht @.alex.albrecht @.alex.alb

I sailed the Atlantic for six weeks and saw this huge fucking shark.

Alex Albrecht’s original sound

The video, which was published on Tuesday, has now received over 32 million views, with many people claiming it was a basking shark.

The species is the world’s second-largest fish, with lengths of up to 39 feet and weights of up to six tons.

The basking shark, despite its enormous size, is not considered threatening to humans because it feeds on plankton, which it filters out of the water with its massive open mouth.

The sighting generated a lot of buzz both online and on board, with Stephen Curry writing, “Thinking the depth of that water concerns me.”

“I wonder how deep in the ocean it actually is,” Addie wrote.

“What in the Jurassic World,” Cap Eman joked.

“The video couldn’t have been recorded from any better angle,” Dreams exclaimed.

“That is a dream, I would love to have observed this,” Tosh said.

MsCurvySize thought: “Yea shape at the front and the size it’s deffo a basking shark.”

Matt Krath thought: “It’s a meglaodon!”

Although Tristzz added: “It’s a basking shark they are harmless.”

Another giant of the deep was spotted recently, after footage captured a rarely seen Pacific sleeper shark around 2,000 feet below the ocean surface.

Researchers from the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology captured the shark on film, which is usually found at depths of 6,500 feet.

According to their study—published. This is a brief summary.


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