Parts of Great Britain prohibit Asda, Aldi, Tesco, Morrisons and Lidl from selling non-essential items.


Mr Drakeford said supermarkets would be “made aware” that they can only sell products that are classified as “essential goods”.

Supermarkets in Wales will not be allowed to sell items such as clothing and hardware during the closure of the Covid 19 fire protection zone, Prime Minister Mark Drakeford said.

Supermarkets will only be allowed to sell products that are classified as “essential goods”.

Mr Drakeford made the announcement before a Senedd committee in response to a question from conservative MS Russell George, who said it was “unfair” to force independent clothing and hardware stores to close while similar goods were being sold in large supermarkets.

Grocery stores, unlicensed stores and pharmacies can stay open, but clothing stores like these must close.

He said this would ensure a “level playing field” as many retailers will be forced to close when the 17-day closure begins on Friday.

“I don’t think people will be so understanding this time, and we will make it clear to supermarkets that they can only open those parts of their store that provide people with essential goods, and that doesn’t include some of the things Russell George mentioned that are not allowed to be sold to other people.

He said: “In the first set of restrictions, people had a reasonable understanding that supermarkets would not close down all the things they might have had to sell.

As of Friday, all recreational and non-essential retail stores will be closed, including clothing stores, furniture stores and car dealerships. A full list has yet to be published.

“So we will ensure that there is a more level playing field over the next two weeks.

Stores that are allowed to stay open include supermarkets and other food retailers, pharmacies, banks and post offices.

According to the law, companies that run a store that offers a mixed range of services are allowed to open if they no longer offer the service that has to close.

said Mr George: “It is deeply worrying that, as we are only days away from closure, we are still waiting for the publication of a full list of the types of businesses that need to close, as well as guidelines for business closures.

“The people and businesses in Wales deserve better than to be left in the dark. For the sake of people’s jobs and livelihoods, I urge the Welsh Labour led government to heed our demands and publish a list without delay.

“At a time of considerable uncertainty it is totally unacceptable – whether deliberately or not – to create even more concern and disquiet, which is unfortunately what this government is succeeding in doing.


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