Parents who fail to pick up their children on time may be reported to the police by the public school.


Parents who fail to pick up their children on time may be reported to the police by the public school.

A public school in Queensland, Australia, is threatening to call the cops on parents who fail to pick up their children on time because it is tired of working as “an afterschool child minding service.”

The policy change, which was disclosed on May 19 via a Facebook post, has sparked debate. While some people praised it, others argued that it was an overreaction to a small transgression.

“Only parents who have problems prioritizing their children’s welfare would object to this request!” one said in part.

Another said, “A touch rough threatening child services.”

Marsden State School describes itself as a “believing and achieving” academic community. According to its official website, it enrolls 1,170 children in grades “prep” (preschool) through 6.

According to the new regulation, parents must pick up their children from school by 3 p.m. every school day, half an hour after classes complete, or contact the front office in advance if they will be unable to do so. According to the article, parents who refuse to perform this obligation risk being reported to the police as well as Child Safety Services.

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“Please arrange for a safe place for your kid to wait if you are unable to collect your kid after school and have not made arrangements with after-school services. “School is not that place because there is only supervision for 30 minutes after school,” Marsden State School commented on the original article, pointing out that a YMCA is close. “Children who are left alone on a regular basis are more prone to get into mischief or be in danger!” it continued.

According to, the Queensland Department of Education and the Queensland Teachers’ Union (QTU) have backed the school’s position, claiming that teachers are not babysitters and should not be regarded as such.

Cresta Richardson, the president of the, said, “The objective of a school is to give instruction for pupils, and school hours are quite apparent to parents.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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