Only 8 percent of Germans support Donald Trump, as the Europeans would overwhelmingly vote for Joe Biden: Poll…


Europeans overwhelmingly support the Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, ahead of election day in the United States, with only single-digit percentages in four out of five countries indicating that they would vote to re-elect President Donald Trump.

A majority of 11,000 people in five European countries – Germany, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom – say they are following the U.S. presidential election closely and are very much in favor of Biden’s coming to the White House on Tuesday. The BVA polling group found that Germans are the most attentive followers of the U.S. election campaign. Eighty-five percent of respondents said they were very interested in the November 3 results, compared to about 70 percent in the other four countries.

Only 8 percent of Germans said they would vote for Trump if they voted across America in four days.

The BVA survey of more than 11,000 people across Europe showed that Biden has the most enthusiastic support in Germany, where two-thirds of Germans said they would vote for the Democratic Party candidate. Another 27 percent of Germans said they were undecided or would abstain from voting in the election of either candidate.

Despite the great interest in the U.S. election outcome, the poll showed a sharp rise in anti-US sentiment in Europe. Only 22 percent of Germans said they had a positive view of the United States as a whole. The Italians were the most positive about America. 38 percent said they had a good opinion of the United States.

Trump received his greatest support in Italy – but even there, only 15 percent of Italians said they would vote for the incumbent Republican. And among Italians, Biden still has about three times more support than Trump, with 42 percent saying they would vote for the former vice president.

During the 2016 presidential campaign between Trump and Hillary Clinton, a viral “Dear Americans” memo, signed by “the people of Germany,” warned U.S. voters to “support the guy with the loud voice who hates minorities, threatens to put his opponent in prison, who doesn’t give a damn about democracy, and who claims he can fix everything. What could possibly go wrong?”

Europeans have been incredibly negative about Trump’s presidency since before he took office in January 2017. A survey by the Pew Research Center in spring 2016 showed that the then GOP presidential candidate had only single-digit percentages of support in 9 of the 16 countries examined at that time. By comparison, President Barack Obama enjoyed astonishing European support – 77 percent of Europeans said they supported Obama in his final year in the White House.

In 2016, only 9 percent of Europeans in 10 countries said they had confidence in the role Trump would take on as president, while 85 percent said they had “no confidence at all” in his White House performance. In 2019, a YouGov/Huffington Post survey showed that 17 percent of French people view Trump positively.

Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Accord of 2015 was one of the president’s most loathed decisions by the inhabitants of all five European countries. Trump received only a double-digit percentage for the move in Spain (11 percent). His withdrawal of the climate agreement agreed under the Obama administration was supported by only 3 to 5 percent of the Italians, Germans, French and British interviewed. reached both the Biden and Trump campaigns to respond to the European poll of the U.S. presidential election cycle.


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