On live television, a Labrador Retriever pulls down a meteorologist.


On live television, a Labrador Retriever pulls down a meteorologist.

When the guide dog she was holding went astray on live television in the United Kingdom, the animal dragged her down to the floor, putting the co-presenters in fits of laughter.

Carol Kirkwood, a BBC Breakfast weather presenter, was kneeling beside a Labrador guide dog named Flash after giving a weather forecast for the Chelsea Flower Show. Due of the COVID-19 pandemic, the performance was postponed until May this year.

“Now, she’s a friend of the program,” Kirkwood remarked when introducing the Labrador to viewers. On April 28, she was on the program with her trainer, Mel, and she took a small bite out of Mel’s palm when she was only 18 weeks old.

“She’s grown quite a bit since then, and she’s very well behaved, to say the least, and just stunning.”

The Labrador decided to run off in a different way only seconds after Kirkwood described him as “very well behaved.” Kirkwood was dragged to the floor by the force while holding on to the dog’s lead.

“I believe Flash has just seen a tree,” says the narrator. She’s gone, she’s gone! After Kirkwood fell forward, presenter Sally Nugent exclaimed on the footage, “She’s gone.”

“We’ve got a Kirkwood on the ground, we’ve got a Kirkwood on the ground!” “Someone save Carol!” exclaimed one of the hosts, Dan Walker, adding to the hilarity.

Kirkwood noted, “Flash is a powerful weapon.”

“Are you okay, Carol?” Walker inquired, but received no response.

“I believe she has misplaced her earpiece, okay?” We’re just making sure you’re okay, Carol. “Are you okay?” Nugent stated.

“Yes, Flash, she’s a tough young lady. After rising up and dusting herself down, she went back to her trainer, Mel, who is on the opposite side of the camera,” Kirkwood said.

“Excellent. We’re relieved to hear you’re okay. “Thank you, Carol,” Walker said.

The BBC and Kirkwood have been asked for comment by this publication.

On August 27, another wayward dog, this time in Canada, created a live television disruption. Storm, the dog of Global Toronto weather reporter Anthony Farnell, interrupted a weather broadcast while hunting for food.

Even as Storm, a little goldendoodle, began moving in and out of the room where Farnell was giving his weekend prognosis, he proceeded with his meteorological forecasts for the days ahead. This is a condensed version of the information.


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