On British beaches, mounds of cocaine worth more than $113 million washed up.


On British beaches, mounds of cocaine worth more than $113 million washed up.

After several shipments of South American cocaine weighing nearly two tons and estimated at over $113 million USD washed ashore on the East Sussex coast, the drug packets were discovered in the United Kingdom.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) announced in a press release that the seized drug packages are the subject of an investigation. On Monday, the mounds of cocaine were allegedly discovered on two different beaches, one in Newhaven and the other in Hastings.

Concerned citizens initially contacted the Sussex Police Department, which “removed the drugs from both beaches and transported them to a safe location,” according to the NCA study.

The drugs were found washed up on the beach “wrapped in waterproof bags and tied to life jackets to make them float,” according to The Argus.

“Police received a warning of a large number of parcels in the sea off the coast of St. Leonards just before 6 a.m.,” a Sussex Police spokesperson told the outlet.

The parcels were found in collaboration with the Coastguard and East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service, and will be checked to ascertain what they are, according to the spokesperson. “Later in the day, more packages were registered along the coast at Newhaven. The police are trying to figure out whether the two discoveries are connected.”

Following that, the NCA and Sussex law enforcement conducted a preliminary drug test, which revealed high traces of cocaine in the packages confiscated. “A complete forensic analysis will also be carried out,” according to the NCA.

Yesterday, two different parcels were discovered on beaches between Hastings and Newhaven. The drugs were discovered by passers-by, who notified @sussex police, who removed them from both beaches and transported them to a safe location. weJJoH0uab (https://twitter.com/weJJoH0uab)

May 25, 2021 — National Crime Agency (NCA) (@NCA UK)

The NCA announced in a series of tweets that the packages confiscated from both beaches weighed 960 kilograms, or approximately 2,116 pounds. The cocaine is believed to have a street sale value of £80 million, which converts to about $113,195,760 USD.

In the NCA’s press release, Branch Commander Martin Grace stated that based on initial findings, it is likely that the drugs came into the United. This is a brief summary.


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